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Strengthening Healthcare Research and Development in Armenia

Research and innovation are key areas of healthcare development. Operational Research, Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials are critical components of evidence-based development. This type of research is evolving over time with the current development of technology and innovation.

The new IT technologies, the growing amount of data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making possible to perform complex analyses and are increasing the precision and accuracy of studies.

Additionally, technology can provide tools for improving the connection between physicians, medical associations, healthcare research organizations and institutions, as well as other stakeholders. This also contributes to the effective and timely implementation of healthcare research.

Healthcare research and innovation-driven professionals are running the Healthcare Research and Development Initiative of Armenia (HRDI) with the aim of increasing research capacity and eventually improve the healthcare within Armenia. We have a vision where Armenia can become a leading contributor to healthcare research and universal health coverage across the world.


  • Advance and expand the industry of healthcare research and clinical trials in Armenia.
  • Improve healthcare of the population of Armenia through access to cutting-edge drugs and devices.
  • Expand the healthcare research capacity of the country.
  • Support evidence-based decision making in healthcare.


  • Map ongoing and planned clinical trials in Armenia and the region to develop infrastructure for better collaboration and enhance the regional research potential;
  • Facilitate collaboration between key research stakeholders to identify and promote areas for further cooperation;
  • Ensure engagement of all private and public stakeholders including healthcare research organizations, medical associations, MOH, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, healthcare centers, patients’ associations, and other relevant organizations which are contributing to the development and enhancement of the research industry;
  • Facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders to identify the industry gaps;
  • Document the gaps, share with the potential collaborators along with recommendations, and generate problem-solving options through the collaborative expertise to fill the gaps;


HRDI will rely on a core group, made up of professionals, providing expert input, and a wider network, comprising interested parties with no conflict of interest. The network members will contribute to HRDI on a voluntary basis, by sharing their experience and expertise in the research-related work or industry.


HRDI core group members are selected through a call for applications and nominations.



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